"Try a thing you haven’t done three times. Once, to get over the fear of doing it. Twice, to learn how to do it. And a third time, to figure out whether you like it or not."

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I have a physics textbook from before the electron was discovered and they just sound so frustrated it’s hilarious

"We have no fucking idea what is happening but we know SOMETHING is happening."

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Anonymous said: My compliment was sincere, but I knew you would question it - you question a lot of things, and I can relate to that. You're right that we must agree in the definitions of words such as "belief" but this ask function is quite limited in the amount of available space to write. One of the more recent posts you mentioned that you believed in the abilities of someone who claimed to be a psychic or clairvoyant, I think it was? I'm not aware that the laws of physics allow for such ability to occur.


Well sweetheart, not to be rude but that means to me that you just don’t know physics very well. Not from a complete perspective view of the science as a whole anyway.  Is it safe for me to assume that you are math brained concerning pure physics? See, my math centers are practically non functioning. So I perceive and express myself more from my language centers. More like the way Feynman did with images and wordy descriptions rather than a hard cast of numbers and equations.

These two very different approaches to physics and the way they’re expressed and understood and communicated usually tend to not understand or typically believe one another’s theories. This has always been a problem in physics.

And what do physics have to do with psychology, neurology, neurobiology, and neuroimaging? Well they have a lot to do with them actually if you stop to consider the correlations between things like quantum consciousness, and spooky entanglement, MWI, Spherical Harmonics, sound, light, and gravity … and you might be able to better arrive at such conclusions if of course anyone understood light, gravity, and the way we perceive the world to a better extent than we do at this time through the feeble capabilities of the human eye and the limited ways we have to convey said concepts outside of equations and math. 

Math is a language too, and not everyone is fluent.

They have just recently developed a machine that can look at your thoughts in images did you know that? Like that episode of Dr. House a while back. That machine is now a reality. Science can recreate your thoughts into pictures as well as reconstruct your dreams with 50% accuracy.

What I said concerning that post was (adamantly) That is LOATHE psychics. I hate them with a passion, most of them I think are fakes, charlatans, and liars who use and abuse people for money worse than preachers do.

But Theresa Caputo I do believe for one reason more than any other. Because she doesn’t always perform for profit. And I think that makes all the difference. She’s not crazy, she’s level headed, and what other motivation would there be to “help” people if she doesn’t always ask for payment? I don’t know of another medium who does that.

Now.. I didn’t say however that I agree with her take on what it is that she accomplishes when she does readings. I don’t agree with her particular take on what it is that she believes she is in communication with.

What she does actually has everything to do with physics. And her brain is wired that way specifically to where she can tap into the subconscious of another entity, connect with them, attach and basically plug into their brains and communicate through their consciousness.

That’s rare, that’s HUGE, and that has everything to do with human biology and the aspect of the physical sciences that are connected indirectly and directly to physics especially quantum physics.

I think that from what I’ve observed of her talent, that she is “special” I do believe that she see’s things, hears things, and that she can actually read people. But I don’t know if what she is tapping into is “spirit” That’s a word that belongs in the dictionary that we’ve read from since the dark ages. I think she believes it’s that. But that is NOT what I believe. 

But truth be told, whether or not that has anything to do with physics isn’t the point. But the fact of the matter is, it does.

I understand things differently from most people, because I am a synesthete. I have a unique brain that is hardwired very different from most other peoples brains. My signals are sort of hotwired, and for whatever the reason was for that anomaly in my brain, whether it be brain damage, or just something I was born with? I know that I perceive the world very different from the standard expected norm.  So I know that the human brain functions differently in some than it does in others. Most people wouldn’t understand that and so when they do observe experiences, they automatically attempt to apply those observations to mysticism. 

When that’s not what mysticism is at all. That’s a totally different science all together. That’s what I personally like to call the unknown science. In that there will come a time when the human brain does collectively catch up, and evolve to where all people will possess these abilities. I don’t believe they are unique to me, nor to people like Theresa. I think we’re just the first in a long line of the evolution of the human consciousness.

That’s what I believe. 

I usually enjoy your blog, but frankly anyone who thinks Feynman was more inclined to describing physics with language and pictures than with numbers has their head up their ass and no rigorous knowledge of the field.
I’m going to ignore the rest of the nonsense in this post but franky, as a physicist, it’s insulting to pretend that “mathy understanding” and “qualitative understanding” are two different camps with conflicting opinions. If your qualitative “understanding” is mathematically ungrounded or if you don’t feel the it in your bones while looking at math, you simply aren’t doing physics.


"Art In A Jar 2: Details, Details"
Can you find the masterpiece in the mass of pieces?


"Art In A Jar 2: Details, Details"

Can you find the masterpiece in the mass of pieces?

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Okay but consider this: mermaids in space

Space mermaids? As in: alien mermaids that live in the vacuum of space and swim between the stars? A setting that uses the analogy of deep space as the open ocean but keeps all…

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#my environmental science teacher was demonstrating how pumice can float#so she just went around the room dropping them into people’s water bottles#but one of them didn’t float#so then she lit a match and dropped it into the bottle#and it blew up#that’s how we found out that the kid was drinking alcohol at school x


ask anyone what 2011 was like on tumblr and 9/10 times they’ll link you to this video

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That’s good to know. 


That’s good to know.